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Loonie Network is a stage that needs to resolve these difficulties. Expanding on the Ethereum Blockchain, Loonie Network will give a biological system where abundance seekers and specialists can discover gigs, get paid, and trade their tokens effortlessly and naturally.

Loonie Bounty Exchange

To reduce the issues of abundance seekers, we are building up a stage where abundance seekers can exchange their well deserved brands effortlessly and instinctively without agonizing over exchange confinements. Exchanging limits are the most serious issue that makes abundance seekers surrender in disappointment, and we need to dispense with this obstacle and consequently spur the abundance members to proceed with their work and realize that their tokens exchange as long as they are recorded on a stock trade this token at the Loonie Bounty Exchange.

Loonie Dex

We at present have brought together trades, the huge names Bunance, Kucoin, HitBtc, et cetera. At that point we have the decentralized trade: the individuals who work straightforwardly on the blockchain and the individuals who have an off-chain arrange book that some way or another works with the Blockchain is associated by a transfer. You can do every one of the exercises outside the chain for so long, and no benefits host been traded by any gatherings. In any case, when the benefits must be changed, the trade advances the exchange to the blockchain. This spares the client a great deal of expenses as they don’t need to pay for every individual movement.

The Ethereum Blockchain requires every exchange to be paid, and the charges are utilized to pay the diggers to process the exchanges. In a totally blockchain-based trade, even the dropping of a request is paid for and is accordingly costly and moderate, since the conversion scale is totally dictated by the blockchain status. Envision you put in a request and sit tight 3 minutes for the purchase/pitch request to be set. At that point trust that the request will be executed and pay for all that you do, be it unintentionally or by plan

It is now and again a bad dream, however it is required in light of the fact that it gives a level of security that incorporated trade can not give. The clients’ cash is held by the proprietors until the point when they really must be traded. There is no hazard for sharing and there is little hazard to the client (there will dependably be dangers with regards to Crypto Online).

Loonie Freelancer

Loonie Freelancer will take care of the installment issue by utilizing cryptographic forms of money to pay for administrations. In the underlying stage, the activity blurbs must pay either Eth or LNI tokens. The individuals who utilize eth tokens pay just 1% charges. That is an altogether lower charge than the normal on customary stages. After our trade is completely practical, clients can pay for the administrations in different tokens and coins.


Our stage offers clients the chance to

Solidify abundance tokens.

Offer ​​your important administrations and acquire Crypto.

Trade cryptographic forms of money in a decentralized and mysterious condition.

Loonie Network will be taken off in three stages. In the principal stage, our abundance seekers will have the capacity to gather their dozen tokens in a couple of, which they can then either exchange specifically on the stage or at their favored trade.

In the second stage, a reasonable and moderate outsourcing stage dependent on keen contracts will be acquainted with guarantee that all partners are ensured.

Stage will bring another sort of decentralized trade.

The Loonie Token

The Loonie Token is an Ethereum ERC20 token. All exchanges of the token are calls to an Ethereum savvy get that plays out the exchanges for the calling address. A client who exchanges tokens calls another exchange work on the Loonie Smart Contract, which at that point moves that cash from one wallet to the next. Every single unsold token will be part among airdrops and jury assets (to settle debate in the Freelancer Platform).


half Crowdsale

25% marking and advertising

15% group

10% abundance

Token deals commitment

half HR and Development

30% marking and advertising

10% securities exchange costs

10% lawful exhortation



Website :https://loonienetwork.online/

ANN Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5034870.msg46001721

Whitepaper: https://loonienetwork.online/WHITEPAPER.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/looniecryptoproject

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LoonieNetwork

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/GeguiBKn992vWzN63ml84Q


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