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At present, tune producers and their enthusiasts aren’t accepting sufficient prizes for the cost they add to the melody global. Artists win practically nothing, regardless of the way that numerous people focus on their music and pay for it. aficionados moreover do never again procure due compensation for various assortments of craftsman help through balloting, cowl melodies et cetera. be that as it may, delegates get all the cream, despite the fact that they perform least canvases. Muzika is intended to pass on solidness to the tune worldwide and applaud capable artists and submitted lovers. The stage will recoup the loads of remunerations that were lost because of virtual robbery the utilization of the blockchain innovation.

About Muzika

Muzika’s electronic tunes natural network will work as a system for circulating and in addition discharging melodies web content while giving reasonable installment to artists. Fans will likewise achieve participate in all phases of a melody’s lifecycle, extending from sponsorship and furthermore assembling to utilization.

Inside this independent network, region members are granted duty factors for a scope of region assignments, including casting a ballot, remarking, posting, and sharing tunes. These responsibility focuses are then changed over into Muzika’s vitality token, MZK The people group additionally gives an immediate connection between patrons and also craftsmen, making it feasible for enrollees to pay artists straightforwardly for their music.

All buys between enrollees, fans, and in addition artists are recorded on the blockchain, which is a decentralized, protected and secure, and furthermore unalterable record. Outside spilling arrangements are additionally ready to take an interest in the biological network making utilization of precisely the same shared blockchain diary, which makes certain incomparable receptiveness when representing the assortment of streams and consequent honorability installments.

It is additionally important that the Korean organization has been working for quite a while and has made extraordinary progress in tackling the numerous issues of the advanced music industry. So in 2015, the online music stage Mapiacompany was propelled and throughout the following 3 years it turned into a universal stage with a group of people of more than 2 million individuals, and its customer base is always developing. Without a doubt, this is an immense accomplishment for engineers and a genuine upper hand, since the group is firm and has involvement in making a working item that is worldwide with a vast gathering of people – in excess of 17,000 performers.

Territory structure: to be extremely self-getting the job done, the Muzika framework can comprise of the majority of the required capacities and furthermore exercises. These shift from inventive group activity, trade of reactions, and much more.

Business focuses and benefits: Streaming administrations, a bit of music commercial center, music devices, taping arrangements and also for a lot of would all be able to be on the commercial center by means of Muzika.

Sponsorships possibilities: Users may support performers and turn into their benefactors in differing routes that alongside ordinary memberships. As supporters, people will costly extraordinary and support just item, administrations, and furthermore chances to be stressed inside the inventive methodology of a music item.

Network programs: Community projects and events like tryouts, rivalries, live-gushing occasions, an alternative such undertakings driven by part contribution will be a mindfulness of Muzika.


Muzika intends to expel the limits between the entertainer of the melody and his audience, utilizing every one of the benefits of the blockchain innovation. Additionally, the stage will endeavor to definitely decrease the benefits of the merchant, maker and music name, which gets the vast majority of the benefits.

It is critical to take note of that Muzika is a free music stage for any craftsman. This implies on the stage will be missing a wide range of commissions and different sorts of money findings, and every one of the benefits will go into the craftsman’s pocket.

Muzika endeavors to make such a music framework, to the point that will fundamentally change the whole music industry, give it freedom from different mediators, extend numerous open doors for all clients of the stage, make it totally decentralized and make monetary solidness.

ICO and Token

MZK token circulation

The principle cash for trade on the stage, including exchange and venture, will be the inside MZK token, the ERC-20 standard token dependent on the Ethereum blockchain.

It will likewise fill in as a way to manufacture an independent environment, a way to purchase merchandise and enterprises, and for some different capacities.

Token: MZK

Standard: ERC20

Principle deals: 205 million MZK

Aggregate will be discharged: 1,000,000,000 MZK

Hard top: 20,000 ETH


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