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Quizando Live might be where great people, enormous and little, will answer their tests continuously by means of a video choice. individuals with alittle, little or medium scope of online networking supporters have the opportunity to rapidly, just and effortlessly gain money with their endorsers. They never again need to watch the video for a considerable length of time and expectation the world can choose to watch them. They arrange an investigate, report their supporters and win money straight off. Quizando Live takes care of its most serious issue all at once: the best approach to flip your supporter into cash. the money raised at ICO will be utilized to recover and redesign its stage and order framework to just oversee incalculable players round the world.

Quizando tackled the issue

Quizando understands two altogether different yet firmly related issues.

To begin with, the enormous universe of test lovers has ne’er had one stage to satisfy their need to play bewilders and win money. because of our innovation, our fun diversions, our differed organizations and our colossal information, this drawback has been unraveled .

Second, our experience settles a prickly drawback that has even caused issues in the online life world for years — I have one among the resulting qualities, yet anyway am I ready to get cash? Our progressive amusement Quizando Live can take care of this issue and assemble it a pull inside the past.

Size of the business

Quizando’s potential market is value billions of dollars. Billions

On Facebook alone, two hundred million communicatory clients entered tests, tests or recreations among their side interests. anyway our check area demonstrated that Quizando was crossing dialect boundaries when we had players from round the world, a few of whom neglected to communicate in English.

What’s more, to make sure that dialect isn’t AN obstruction, we’ve the French and Spanish adaptations of the stage.

Why we are propelling a Token

In the course of recent months we have been building, refining and adjusting our dynamic test innovation. A large number of people are investigate driving our worldview stage, giving us input, proposals and serving to United States clean our diversions and organizations. right now we tend to ar prepared to release our stage on the world. also, that is the reason we tend to ar raising money through this non-open Token Offer — to produce the assets we have to make our phenomenal worldview a world reality.

Our item as of now exists — people ar occupied with getting a charge out of recreations on Quizando while you’re perusing this. Also, huge amounts of a great deal of ar communication via gestures up each week. anyway we as a whole know it must be significantly bigger, considerably higher and much more ascendible. all through testing our examination has been persevering. we as a whole comprehend what test diversions people get a kick out of the chance to play, we as a whole know the kind of inquiries they require to answer and that we know the configurations they require their tests conveyed in.

Additionally, through the span of our short operational history we have made an industry disturbing concept — Quizando Live — which won’t just convey a considerable measure of new players to our current diversions however which can likewise turn into a main stage in itself.

This side of our stage is selective, totally unique and it’ll adjustment the lives of influencers in every nation on the world by giving them a radical new because of legitimatize their followings. it’ll make Quizando a redirection and income producing stage that will provoke land area to conjointly kick itself inside the butt.

The assets raised by the Private Token Offer are acclimated redevelop and overhaul our stage and its framework design so it can easily adapt to the a great deal of players traveling our direction. it’ll likewise offer United States the cash opportunity to push ahead with people in general Offer of our tokens, taking our full beginning raise to $3 million.

Our arrangement of amusements include:

Last Man Standing

An energizing test which may see a huge number of people competitory at a comparative time, responsive absolutely similar inquiries. Players are wiped out till we tend to square gauge directly down to the last man standing.

Straight on

This is our most social diversion wherever players assemble their own tests and test companions, family, different clients or possibly total outsiders to a test on a chose theme with a chose period. also, in this way the pot goes up as more people join! The extra members that ar enrolled to play, the more money the members ar qualified to win.


These ar our bread-and-margarine, basic leaderboard-based amusements that run a fourteen day sum and ar playable whenever of day or night.

A few different amusements assortments, structures and organizations are authorized inside the post-ICO redevelopment of Quizando. These can acquire new and energizing routes which to play and win, and in addition awesome prizes from supported tests and constant, one-on-one difficulties.

Token Distribution

Name: QUIZ

Image: QUIZ

Sort: ERC 20 (Ethereum Token)

add up to supply: 1,200,000,000 QUIZ

29% Token Offer (ICO)

18% Reserved for Development Fund

15% Reserved for Group Liquidity

10% Reserved for Advisors and Influencers

10% Reserved for Strategic

8% Reserved for the Team

5% Reserved for Affiliates

5% Reserved for Marketing

15% Operational Expenses

17% Wages

21% Marketing/Affiliates/Influencers

10% New Project Development

23% Quizando Development

14% Initial Capex


For more information,

Website :https://quizando.io/

ANN Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4963520.0

Whitepaper: https://quizando.io/whitepaper

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quizando/?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Quizando

Telegram: https://t.me/quizando


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