MenaPay ( MPAY ) – Perfect Reaction for the Bored Traditional Banking System


Additional rates refer to parts of technology that are used as alternatives to normal levels. Most of the talk about selection strategies for national deductions or made specifically for the e-commerce economy, and one of them is basically fixed and managed by a local bank. Each champion technical group has new applications for participation and processes, dialects and financial information and is subject to recommendations from housing management and support. Credit cards, call control cards are plastic cards that provide a classic way of paying money, which will be chosen at the time of purchase. A credit card is a plastic card that offers the possibility of cash when making a purchase, when the owner and card holder must know that the listing requirements are listed on the order and the date of payment is not required, terms

MenaPay is the main door, which is fully compatible with the Middle East and Africa. EdenPay replaces the usual temperament money encryption method, fully confirmed by the block chain. MenaPay Mission – site creation and online application that allows you to coordinate cryptographic responses and support for various Arabic sites in the toolbar. New rates, as well as other digital Bitcoin systems, and that payments are disappointing because they are expensive, which includes sales costs and insufficient for everyday needs, such as purchasing basic necessities, taxis and various administrations, which are available every day. EdenPay plans to change the status quo, with the result that 100% of the advanced Islamic banking agreements – do not make money using the Blockchain Solitaire for use in daily trading and crossroads, https: // www. /

They create new indicators of unclear corporate profits, which exceed normal strength for clients and financial motivation professionals


  • P2P exchanges
  • Associate to Merchant Payment
  • Merchant M2F to
  • Green Mining Foundation


In other related developments, this program is located in the region of North Africa and the Middle East. Thanks to the success of technology and the Blockchain ecosystem that is growing at a commendable level, many developments occur in different pockets of the world. The Middle East and North Africa are still isolated from the growth of the Blockchain. This region is a banking infrastructure that is not developed by Islamic law, which prohibits the interests of loans. As a result, in the GCC region, financial institutions under Sharia law account for around 1% of total assets worldwide. This region is also very fragmented with several currencies, which prohibits the integration of all regions in the market


Moreover – MenaPay ( MPA )




MenaPay covers many aspects, including cryptocurrency trading, income and profit systems, miming resources, system costs and requests, purchase of goods, traders and consumers. Menapay works by creating new standards for cryptographic efficiency, as well as incentives for ordinary users and investors. The main features of MenaPay are: P2P transactions; P2M payment to the seller; M2F Dealer for Foundation; and green spoils. All of these innovative features work together to deliver surprising results on the MenaPay platform

Development of traditional payments that require too many intermediaries (including issuing banks, payment limits, payment systems, credit card associations and acquirers) because connecting directly to MenaPay customers connects customers to sellers with Menapay calls

In the structure of Ico MenaPay, the official website announced the creation of 400 million MenaPay tokens and coins owned by 64%. Emergency distribution includes shares of 5% minerals, 10% of size and airbrush of 10% for founders and equipment, 11% of consultants and partners and 64% for domestic taxpayers. for business development, 15% operations and management, 30% for development and infrastructure and 40% for marketing

It is also known that traditional banking instruments are widely used in the Middle East and Africa because of the practice of conservative Islam and an inadequate banking system. Non-bank Mobile MenaPay application, a convenient mobile payment application and Arabic support allows you to work quickly and easily on board, so users can safely reach the world of encrypted currencies. The main function of this application is an intuitive control panel and business applications for easy integration

Token Distribution

The use of tokens is the most important part of any cryptographic currency audit. If a token is wrongly associated with a platform, its value will never increase and will result in a bad investment. MenaPay markers are machines from this platform. This payment method, you can win prizes to win prizes, is a P2P transaction payment. So, yes, the MenaPay token is very connected to the platform and the cost increases from the platform

Some good things and some things to say about the distribution of these tokens 64% of tokens sales with 15% of the size are very good. This is 79% counter, which is decentralized and must help make this token more stable after public negotiations. 16% for teams and advisors, which is a very reasonable amount, the only problem for the consultant team, or no transition (I hope this will be counted and added to full white paper). Unused tokens will be saved, they are always good, fewer tokens mean what you deserve

Current position

The dream project starts with the first order of capitalization, which was created in February 2018 of the MenaCash test year in August 2018. This platform must be designed with the installation of more advanced functions in the Al December 2019 system.

The MenaPay team aims to develop cryptographic currencies most commonly used in the MENA region


MenaPay is a modern version of the traditional payment system based on full block and cryptographic currency support for secure and transparent payment channels that allow transactions to be carried out in all fields of daily life. This is often called “simplified cryptography”

The Conclusion

MenaPay is a modern version of traditional fully featured and cryptocurrency payment systems to provide secure and transparent payment channels that allow transactions to be carried out in all fields of daily life


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