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During these years, trade has largely contributed to the growth and development of most countries of the world. World exports of goods have increased by more than 32% since 2006, exceeding last year by $ 16 billion. Similarly, commercial services exports increased 64% to $ 4.8 trillion Dollars in The United States of America. A Significant expansion in global commodity sales depends largely on industrial products and agricultural products. Catena believes that the introduction of new technologies will further accelerate this development


It is the largest reliable platform for internal and internal transactions and is the first choice for all global business transactions


Give each company a solid foundation and powerful tools to grow and protect your business and offer unlimited opportunities to small and medium businesses. Market parameters and barriers to entry are very low for a competitive and potentially strong business economy

Issues Resolved

The biggest problem in this area is the high level of fraud. Currently, the fake accounts show an annual loss of $ 4 billion. The US dollar, mainly because of the vulnerability of existing infrastructure. As a result, the organizations involved are often forced to declare bankruptcy or, in the most serious cases, to close the door completely. In general, many fraudsters create open accounts, buy goods and services, but ignore payments. In addition to fraud, this industry faces many problems due to problems in the supply chain. These problems include adverse conditions, corruption, poor transport infrastructure, slow delivery, and so on


First, the blockchain of negotiations on the chain will try to remove barriers to entry and solve global trade problems. By providing a platform for small and medium-sized businesses, Catena will focus on providing solid tools to promote the development of global markets. Although the platform architecture is primarily based on deployment accounting technology, it also includes aspects of artificial intelligence

Naturally, decentralized exchange is difficult to determine because of its complexity. However, the most important benefit of this platform is its independence, as they do not need third party services for the allocation of investment funds. Conversely, direct transactions are facilitated by users looking for a channel. This, combined with the strength of the blockchain, makes transactions transparent and secure from fraud

Token Details

Catena will sell tokens to raise funds for this project. Chain markers are the standard ERC20 markers based on the Ethereum blockchain. The total number of exchanges is limited to 250 million US dollars and no additional tokens are issued. Surprisingly, chain chips are the only accepted currency in the blockchain ecosystem


Commercial products and services

At this important stage, Catena will demonstrate its true strength through the availability of commercial products, products and services. One of the main characteristics of this goal is the production and sale of digital goods, each of which can release digital resources on the Ethereum blockchain and is open for business

Barter ecosystem

Attracting more customers and increased transactions and processing volumes on our platform will surely pave the way for the presentation of the barter ecosystem that we believe will change the business economy as a whole. Over time, the Barter ecosystem has increased and expanded the participation of more clients and customers, and the more participants, the better the system performance

Global expansion

Although the network platform is not limited to a specific geographical area, this platform is considered a global platform since it was launched, but partly as part of our roadmap. The whole world in various regions and sectors will undoubtedly benefit from the entire system, so we think that we can hold a large marketing campaign to educate more companies for what we can do, and how they can increase their activities and income

Catena Order Matching AI (COMAI)

AI, which is coordinated sequentially, carries out strategic algorithms that use mathematical simulations of game theory to determine the best way to enter the market for perfect business operations; all of this is just an ordinary search engine for buyers and sellers. Find evidence-based guidelines for all parties to the trade agreement to determine the ideal solution for a win-win situation in the search for re-action in the future. The procedure for matching AI channels (COMAI) is applied to the first approval Criptovalute products such as cotton, oil or gold, using the same algorithm to find the best deals and opportunities for our clients. This is a revolutionary technology that will allow the chain to transfer all commercial and trading platforms, where operators will use this chain primarily to determine the latest transactions and the most liquid transactions

The Exchange

For exchanges, which will be implemented on the network platform and certain final goals for the management of this exchange, the owner pays the network grant fee to be assessed on the global exchange rate / IMPLEMENTATION, this payment is paid as a chain. ERC20’s ideal in the Ethereum block chain, distributed by Catena in the middle of the token phase. A network token is a utility currency that will be very important for the function of an object, because it functions as an activation key, so that each contract functions correctly and will be used on all exchange exchanges that enter the chain




The Conclusion

Catena will use warranty services for monitoring and verifying operations with funds, as well as conventional internal inspection chains, which means that all payments received in the accountability chain on TSAIN sales chips will be stored in envelopes with multiple signatures. The key will be supported by the main network command and internal audit team



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