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It is the most transparent platform, the most extensible and the most indestructible. Should I pay attention to the fact that cryptographic encryption activity has recently attracted serious ecumenical attention? Many people are investing in the cryptocurrency market and increasing their profits. Cryptographic investment, which is an online investment based on blockchain technology, is almost very profitable. People are always very reliable and are exploring investment projects with a promising future. Remember that I told you that the world is dominated by business. On the other hand, this generation dominates the activity. The truth is the amount of information you have about the company involved in this business. And this should provide our readers with the latest information for the cryptographic investors with the largest ICO in the world. I am always aware of cryptographic news, but today I found a very interesting project with a strong potential for currency encryption. Let me introduce you to one of the Exchange encryption projects: Exchange BQT

BQT exchange is a trading platform for encryption. BQT Exchange is one of the most sophisticated and reliable platforms for an enhanced cryptographic security trading platform, which is one of the most secure, fast and powerful platforms available today. The secure, interactive and flexible business environment of P2P and its community provides an easy-to-use interface for managing different types of encryption. This platform aims to make encryption transactions very simple and convenient in a secure environment, which is the central value of simplicity and accessibility. The evolution of technology and the digital world has created the need for new encryption currencies and, at the same time, cases of theft by weak systems often occur without reliable protection to protect cryptographic assets. The main reason for many of these acts of hacking is the lack of protection with a goal of security and a shallow depth and regulation. The BQT trading platform uses the destructive power of blockchain technology to produce a revolution in the currency sector. By applying blockchain technology, you can conduct electronic transactions in a secure, deterministic, and illegitimate manner. BQT presents a revolutionary hedge system. Unlike margin and futures trading, Beacut Hedge Trade is a medium-term flexible format for Krypton traders. Transactions for traders to obtain cryptoactive assets. Flexibility allows everyone to make their own transactions. Multiple clicks


The Exchange


Trade is one of the main organizations born in the electronic money sector. A major scholarship was created in mid-2010 as a license allowing clients to master the spirit of the mind and recognize the value of the Emporium in this direction. Recently, Crypto Exchanges has provided organizations that receive and provide mass electronic and other electronic advertising and other electronic resources and expect most e-marsuma monetary items. Provides market exposure to liquidity and compliance



P2P Broker Exchange


In the final draw of March 2018, other transaction volumes in P2O organizations saw an increase in active markets with visual diversity, with the total number of transactions consistently reaching $ 75 million. P2P markets in Canada and Europe provide record numbers. In March, BTC / IDR transactions recorded local purchases of $ 580 in March, the third largest P2P trade in Vietnam, at B3,725 million


Bonus ICO


600 million tokens are shackled and released as needed to expand corporate, managerial and loyal projects to increase the liquidity of tokens up to 10%



The success of the combination of components

ICO binary has grown significantly in seconds and has established a simple trading plan. Currently, someone is considered a valid candidate for the purposes of Bittrex and other important trading platforms. Special components of Binance insist on facilitating acceptance in transactions:

  • This is an independent FIAT fund, as well as the associated shade of the lawyer
  • They will allow traders to immediately reveal Nemer for commercial purposes
  • Request a 50% discount on the transaction using your personal token
  • Activate the daily exit and save some portfolios / tokens


Current Cryptocurency Market

At the March 31, 2018, market capitalization was estimated at $ 268.2 billion. Since Bitcoin was announced in January 2009, there are many forms of digital currency, which exist sooner or later. Today, several cryptographic formats change the respect of the market. In any case, Bitcoin is a pioneer, without a doubt. 45% of total market capitalization

The Service Offer by BQT

Many projects and businesses have begun to offer products and services that facilitate the use of electrnic money for key issues and provide infrastructure for block-blocking applications. Public. The electronic money sector consists of many important participants and organizations, but today there are four major areas of electronic money

  • exchange
  • portfolio
  • payment Company
  • mining industry
  • exchange

Exchange is one of the first services that arise in the field of electronic money. The first event was launched in early 2010 as a project that will enable market prices for coin-sized bitters and start-ups. In today’s world, Crypto Exchanges offers electronic money and other digital goods to national currencies and other services for buying and selling electronic money and plays an important role in e-monetary policy. By providing the market with liquidity and opening prices

BQT system workflow

The P2P BQT platform utilizes the secure and distributed benefits of Blockchain, which provides flexibility to operators around the world. All modules and databases are programmed using different encryption methods to ensure the confidentiality and protection of the merchant. 2FA configuration is required for all merchant profiles


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