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The morning radio, then the iPod in the ears, the radio in the car, in the supermarket before the closure announcement, on TV, in every advertisement – our life is filled with music. The sound landscape around us is very diverse. Often, not even we choose it. On the other hand, it has always been a part of our life. Music was the subject of study for scientists. For example, for evolution experts, this is a real puzzle: why does a person devote much time and energy to activities such as playing an instrument, dancing, attending a concert or buying a CD?

Most human activities, such as eating, socializing, making love, have an obvious biological purpose. We eat to survive, make love, have offspring, talk to each other for development or boredom. Even hundreds of years ago, verbal communication, helped our ancestral speakers inform the broad masses. But music? Why music?

Today, many people of different ages are trying to make their way to the music arena, to make themselves known to the whole world. Especially if this performer or author is ambitious enough. But unfortunately many of them face a number of problems that prevent them from developing and fully reveal their potential. Now I will tell you about the project, which is going to radically change the musical sphere

The Platform

BitSong is the first decentralized site that provides streaming music. Its main feature is that it works thanks to modern blocking technology, namely the Ethereum network block.
The BitSong project consists of a team of people, some of whom in the past have themselves been dedicated to all the musical subtleties of this field of activity. They are familiar with all the negative aspects of the music industry, especially those concerning beginners and young authors and performers. After studying a lot of similar projects, I came to the conclusion that BitSong does not have strong competitors in this field of activity. This is a fat plus project. Of course there are several similar projects, but they are not able to compete with the guys from BitSong. In their development, they are still far from the solution that BitSong offers. The principle of the platform is that the musician is no longer required to look for a producer or perform under a label. Authors and the performer can earn their own thanks to the advertising and donations of the fans, having previously sent them to the application. According to the BitSong team, every musician can not worry about the work done, as his work will reach his audience without any negative consequences. This excludes intermediaries, which unreasonably increase costs, any manipulation in the ratings

What Does the Platform Offer ?

With BitSong, advertisers will gain unrestricted access to a reliable and global platform for advertising their products without having to pay exorbitant fees. In addition, thanks to the capabilities of blockchain technology, you can automate the process of remote transactions, BitSong will effectively connect advertisers directly to their target audience, giving them complete autonomy regarding their content

BitSong token (symbol: BTSG) is required to support the operation and functionality of the entire project platform. With his help, you can make a donation, make purchases and participate in sponsorship programs. Thanks to the Ethereum block system, users can perform transactions simply and safely. To the same Ethereum is characterized by high transaction speed. BTSG is a simple domestic currency, which was created for the convenience of all participants of the ecosystem

Solutions and advantages of the platform

In order to create a music video, a musician needs to have an initial money-capital.
Basically, beginning singers, there is only talent, not money, so this problem becomes very serious for the formation of a singer’s career. He also needs certain connections to work with a certain label, because if the singer does not have them, then he can ignore the singer’s request to work with him. Copying is strongly avoided on the platform. To protect copyright BitSong has some levels of verification of the originality of music content, using social networks and various documents proving the authenticity. For advertisers, the platform offers the opportunity for convenient interaction with a potential audience, without resorting to the use of third-party, who usually charge their interest for providing services. Each advertiser will be able to create any kind of advertising company, using special platform tools. Depending on the total cost of advertising, the coverage of the audience proportionately increases. Multifunctionality of the platform is a huge advantage over competitors. Every user can use BitSong on any device, including mobile phone, computer, laptop, TV and even radio

Procedure for distribution of ICO tokens

All rewards on the platform are carried out by means of the BTSG token, which can be converted at any time into fiat money or spent on the promotion of their musical compositions. All rewards will go to a personal user’s wallet and transactions can be tracked in real time through the Ethereum block system

Token Sale Details

The team is very active and efficient. For example, recently the guys performed at the ICO Race in Switzerland and took the fourth place out of 300 ICO. By the way the participants were from all over the world! Soon the developers will show the alpha version of the product. They follow all the stages of the Roadmap, this is announced at the beginning of 2019. The main advantage of this project is to the others, that soon it will be launched! The Token will be put into full operation immediately. Now there is a public sale of the project’s tokens. Anyone can support it. In general, the project is extremely interesting and promising. This is also proved by the fact that the minimum collection threshold of 4,000 Ethereum was collected fairly quickly at a preliminary sale. Now the project has collected more than 5000 Ethereum


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