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Today our planet is experiencing difficult times. This is due to several factors. One of these factors is global pollution. Thousands and thousands of tons of waste are chosen every day, with a negative impact on the environment. Ideally, it would be better if every company recycled its own waste. This is what the Greentoken project does. Greentoken is a company specializing in the development of realistic cryptographic resources based on innovative recycling facilities with 100% recycling, without damaging the environment and separating waste. The main goal is a clean ecosystem. And the mining industry is a solution that allows our company to receive additional revenue through the use of waste in the old market of cryptocurrency systems. This project will be implemented in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Large companies all over the world help solve this problem by investing in wastewater treatment. The most influential entrepreneurs, actors and models spread environmental awareness and collect large sums of money for “green” projects and events. The waste is converted into a pyrolysis reactor originally used to produce synthesis gas, a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the industry. Syngas is a source of methanol, hydrogen and other chemicals and is used to produce heat and electricity through gas turbine generators and piston gas generators. It also produces expanded glass, ecological materials for the insulation of residential and industrial buildings. Due to the limited number of glass fiber manufacturers there is a great demand for this material

Benefits of the Greentoken project

  • Greentoken opens it to false owners so they can become big green business owners and receive permanent dividends for life
  • Greentoken offers investors my green energy based from German process waste. This means that the profitability of the mining sector is 25-50% higher than in other parts of the world
  • The selected tokens are also distributed among investors through ETH intellectual contracts in Zurich
  • Greentoken will be able to extract chips from our field, based on the number of tokens that people buy
  • The investor’s personal account lists the chips collected each month
  • Greentoken is a partner of LORCOMCOM, a multi-million-dollar organization with more than five years’ experience in the installation and maintenance of mining farms

Presence of the project

Greentoken will be the co-owner of the large-scale project that respects the environment, to the owner of the token, and will gain revenue from extraction. We will provide opportunities to protect our members from the current occupation and participate in special projects. In other words, I would like to create an environmentally friendly recycling plant based on original waste disposal technology in Germany. This means that in other countries of the world our agriculture is raising 25-50% of the profit (to make electricity available for free). The farm can provide an opportunity to use the encrypted part from the owner. We provide a system that transparently distributes tokens through intellectual agreements of ETH and derive the results of minority shareholders of each participant. Greentoken distributes the newly acquired cryptographic transformation (by means of mining support) to individual user accounts. The withdrawal of funds from the owner’s portfolio is carried out once a month to minimize transaction costs. The encryption currency can be deleted from the project until the cryptographic industry survives and is in good condition. Each Greentoken project token reserves  theright to extract the encryption currency in percent from the persistent scan function based on the received GTN token


Position, maintenance, safety


The companies of “Investests Limited Ecology” and the management team of the Greentoken project are working to provide perfect service and create promising innovation and project for participants. For permanent and safe mining operations, 5% of recoverable currency is sent for maintenance, depreciation and equipment maintenance. In order to ensure uninterrupted flight operations, LORDCOM has been engaged in the five-year experience in the marine transport sector, installation and maintenance of mining in the livestock sector. Since farms are located in industrial areas, paramilitary protection is always offered. Participants do not have to worry about operation or security stability, they can receive batch production ciphers.

The company “LORDCOM”

The company has been in Kazakhstan’s Indonesian market for more than 5 years and has established itself as a leader in the mining industry. In order to be an expert in the mining industry, our experts are actually developed using China’s most advanced technology, and we collect all knowledge in this direction. So far, the company’s sales exceed 2 million dollars. Currently, LORDCOM engages not only in the sale of mining machinery but also in its installation. Support is always compatible (support). In the absence of equipment for equipment, the company is ready to provide services. The data center where equipment is installed is monitored by remote access 24 hours a day, 365 days

Working technology

This factory will be built based on German high-temperature pyrolysis furnace technology. (Germany). Due to the six refineries, synthesis gas, dehydrogenation pyrolysis reactor up to 1300 ° C RSU, dioxin, furan and heavy metals in the atmosphere are not removed even if the gas fraction is decomposed. ,

The Conclusion

The company is connected with thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of people all over the world that is simple and easy to understand. Production is very irregular in the world. The main reason is that the cost of electricity of each country is different. According to this survey, about 50% of the extracted pieces were recently mined at several times the cost of the European power extraction cost of China. Greentoken is a free green mining farm that 100% recycled innovative recycling plant without compromising environment and waste collection

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