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Social networks today are a huge source of information and a powerful tool for promotion. Almost each of us at least once a day looks at their pages in networks, makes publications, creates a piece of public opinion, etc. Social networking sites are among the most visited resources in the entire Internet. There are cases when, with their help, whole revolutions were organized. In addition, many companies use social networks to advertise their brands. Perhaps, even the smallest company has its own pages in social networks
Why this is not very good
Along with the rapid development of social media, the information that people provide to sites for registration and further use is very extensive. Any social project asks you to indicate about yourself almost the whole biography – from photos to the place of work. However, all these data users provide voluntarily. As for more confidential materials, they can be viewed by moderators and resource administrators. Even if you in all possible and impossible ways try to hide personal correspondence and other data – they are still available to the leaders of social networks. The fact that they can be accessed by intruders after all that has been described should not be surprising, because any system of protection over time reveals its weaknesses. And in the end, the information falls into the wrong hands. What can we say about the special services, which, if necessary, request all the necessary information and what turns disobedience for social networks. Remember the same Telegram
Even more deplorable is the situation of those who have transferred their professional activities to social networking sites. Loss of important information for such people and companies is tantamount to bankruptcy
Secure Foresting Network
Blockchain technology, implemented in social networks can solve simultaneously several pressing problems. And the most acute of them is the problem of the security of personal data. By integrating the detachment into social networks, you will be able to forget about all kinds of information leaks and hacking of personal accounts. To become a member of the system, it is not necessary to know about all the wisdoms and technical features of blocking technology. Outwardly it will be exactly the same social network as those to which we are accustomed. However, it will have several differences, due to which the platform Foresting will be able to take a leading position in its field

01 – Incoming Materials

First, the developers of the platform are going to take care of ensuring that all incoming material to the site has the proper quality. For this purpose, a special program was created by Foresting Bank, which will provide financial support to those users who need it. However, this does not mean that the platform will buy content-makers housing. It will only provide the means to pay for the services needed to create content. And this platform is not limited. If necessary, users will be able to use the best equipment, so that eventually the site received the best and high-quality product

02 – Development of the Materials

Secondly, users will be rewarded for the development of materials within Foresting. If you are an active content-maker and want to earn on your work, then the Foresting platform is exactly what you were looking for. A very flexible content evaluation system will be created inside the system, on the basis of which users will be rewarded with platform tokens. Thus, developers want to create a closed ecosystem with the ability to monetize and earn money on quality content

03 – Pay Off

The center, which will provide the work of the entire system, will be Foresting Bank. It is through his efforts that remuneration will be paid, services will be paid for and equipment of the platform will be provided. Also within the platform will be a community support system that stimulates them to positive actions within the platform
The Goal
The main goal of the platform is to create a full-fledged independent and secure platform for the creation, placement and monetization of content
The Vision
Long-term vision of the project and an excellent team of professionals make the project attractive for investment. The team is working with technological documentation, discussing and reviewing the deployment technologies in the main network of the block. Developers implement innovations and take an active part in conferences. The expansion of the partner base continues, including such known as Google, Bibox, Sony. This shows the reputation of the project
Benefits of Foresting
The Foresting platform offers the following benefits,
• User reward for creating popular content
• Blocking of targeted advertising and advertising content. All found advertising modules will be sent to a special advertising department for moderation
• The possibility of major exchanges and payments around the globe
• Security of personal user data through the use of blocking technology
Details of the ICO
The platform plans to release PTON tokens in an amount equal to twenty-four billion. The private sale of tokens has already been completed in May. Public sale will continue until September. The developers plan to sell 40% of the total number of tokens (9.6 billion). Tokens will be in ERC-20 format and will be based on the Ethereum blockchain system
The Conclusion
The social component of human life is very important. And if before we could not interact with the rest of the world, now a variety of tools for this amaze. It is enough just to include any device that has access to the Internet and open any social media site you like. Foresting is going to turn the concept of social content into a sign of quality and thus reach a wide range of users. In the future, the platform can be an excellent product, in demand on the market

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