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Cryptographic protection from the mining industry is a commercial activity, but requires significant investment in stable properties, particularly in processing capacity. Also the price is very unstable. Mining management functionality to synchronize with the network application, since the capital cost graphic processor (GPU) must be kept at full capacity, it is very significant for the outcome. When prices lessening, revenues can also differ reliant on the procedure. To this is added the ASIC trend, which removes the graphics processors in the first Bitcoin version, but also for other krypton likely that the backup capacity has increased. What do you do with autonomous and inactive skills? At current prices of about $ 300-500 for graphics processors, which are very suitable for Crypto-production, as it can handle multiple calculations in parallel, costs can accumulate quickly, so the spare capacity would be an obstacle to profitability. When at the end of last year, the market was criminalized, diversification as a way of planning around the tops and valleys of energy needed for the protection of mining activities, and not so much attention. Today everything is different. Until now, the basic options have been used from the point of view of alternative applications for GPUs, which require a lot of CPU, related to machine learning and artificial intelligence. But thanks to the work of Leonardo Render’s new single, everything will change soon

End of the CGI bottleneck

Leonardo Render is focused on the provision of services for the development of creative industries, focused on CGI, in which a growing problem is of 129 billion dollars in confined spaces in industrial production. Computer images – or CGI – require a lot of processing power to get images in the animation. The second video lets you see how the animator waits a month for delivery. Avatar, one of the most technically impressive CGI films ever created, required by the supercomputer to process 1.4 million transactions a day, for a total of 8 gigabytes of data per second for 24 hours every 24 months. You can also stop the rendering process with the Nvidia 1060 graphics processor, as it takes about 24 hours to create frames. From the first second, the animation, consisting of 24 frames per second of animation with a graphics processor, occupies most of the month. The need to increase capacity is increasing, while the cryptographic industry has many opportunities that are not always produced. Considering the resources needed for graphic rendering, CGI tools are available to artists and other companies who want to be in power, without the financial stability of Hollywood studios, or more than a streaming service like Netflix and Amazon, which also create their own CGI content. Leonardo Render uses blockchain system to offer a chance for everyone who needs it. They have established a solution for rendering blocks, which are less expensive than the present facility trend, and is the earliest to sell mining production. The company statements that the service itself is fast, safe, easy to use and already has clients and income

How does it Work?

So, how does it work? As a result of a decentralized arrangement, clients can monitor the entire method from their processer and never disclose their IP address. Because safety is a major problem in terms of defensive intellectual property, possible customers will benefit from the fact that copying files is not needed. So, how is the file showed if it doesn’t leave the client computer? The answer is that the customer PC uses all of the company’s graphics CPUs accessible through Leonardo Render, as if it were a graphics CPU situated on the motherboard. To provide computational power from its application, Leonardo Render has affiliated with Giga-Watt, a full-service, mining solution provider, the largest GPU dealer in the United States. Leonardo Render will use the Giga Watt function in Washington, including 23,000 GPUs, located on 11 acres and works on refined containers that maintain best working conditions and offer the flexible scalability. Thanks to the efficiency of the sophisticated Giga-Watt system, the price of Leonardo Render is very competitive. Service fees are $ 0.25 per hour per hour. Compare this with an average GPU profit of $ 0.50 and Leonardo Render’s customers will enter a profitable business

High profit potential for minors

Compare the potential benefits of the GPU with those achieved by Ethereum miners and the difference in costs is even more impressive. ETH Miners get around $ 0027, which means that Leonardo Render’s graphics processor increased 1.71% profit to empty the Ethereum miner.This block decentralized solution protocol renders at the right time for intelligent industrial encryption with a platform to provide backup capabilities, unlike the Golem network, for example, companies that provide customers with already created. By joining the network, excessive crypto-min computing resources are available to all network members, access to revenue potential far exceeds what is available as a result of mining and approval of the Ethereum network. For designers who want benefits, they also include cheaper and more efficient CGI rendering solutions or develop computer-aided (CAD) projects, real-time interfaces that allow customers to fully monitor their own progress. Project. To access the platform, users need to use the LEOS tag to provide rendering services. LEOS is an ERC-20 utility token used by network members to access and provide services. The chip value is set at 288 million. The token will also act as a repository in the context of broader dispute resolution when a customer assigning a rendering job can claim compensation if the finished product does not meet the required standards. This offers additional benefits in encouraging children to provide high quality services. The world of rendering has become much smarter and cheaper, and the cryptographic ministry version is more diverse


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